Friday, November 24, 2006

WTF is up with the Middle East?

Ya know what I think?

Peace in the Middle East is not possible…not now…and maybe not ever.
Why would I say such a horrible thing?


And statements like this,

“I offer myself as a sacrifice to God and to the homeland”.

That statement was made by the latest suicide bomber to become small chunks in the area north of Gaza. She was a 57 year old grandmother named Fatma Najar. And her family is proud of what she did. "I am very proud of what she did. Allahu Akbar (God is greatest)," one of her sons, Fuad, 31, told Reuters. She was the mother of 9 and grandmother to 30 children. I can only imagine what her children and grandchildren are thinking and believing now. I wonder if grandma got any virgins when she reached paradise? Just sayin….

Between crazy-ass grandma and the absolute insanity we’re now seeing in Baghdad, I don’t see how it’s ever going to get better. You may remember we had a civil war here…and you may have seen the Civil War ‘re-enactors’ do their presentations. It was guys in blue vs. guys in grey. You could tell who was fighting for who… In the middle east, few are in uniform. Yesterday, more than 200 Shiites, most of them just minding their own business going about their daily do, were blown up. Today, they took revenge on the Sunnis by going to area mosques and killing 19 people. They burned four mosques down today…remember, we made sure to NOT damage the mosques for fear of upsetting the Muslim world, but they do it and it’s ok. Six of today’s victims were doused in kerosene and burned alive on the street. Lemme say that again….


Ya know what I think?


Pretty soon, Iran will have 'the bomb'. Isreal already has 'the bomb'. India and Pakistan already have 'the bomb'. If we just mind our own business for about the next 10 years, they'll all blow each other back to Allah...if we're smart, we'll just sell everyone over there weapons and make a whole lot of money in the process.

Both the Shiite’s and the Sunni’s are insane. They have no stated cause. They want American troops out (we’d like to leave, but y’all won’t stop killin’ each other), so they blow up fellow Iraqis. Because they’re different …


Friday, November 10, 2006

Geek Talk!

I recently received a treat in the mail…the folks at Belkin sent me one of their newest N1 Wireless Routers to test. I really enjoyed their previous Pre-N router…it was easy to install and rock solid in it’s performance, the thing almost NEVER needed to be reset. I almost didn’t want to replace my existing router since it was so reliable. But I knew I had to give the new stuff a try. So I set a clock and disconnected the Pre-N router and plugged in the N1 Wireless Router, popped in the software CD-ROM and ran the set up program. Total time to get the new router up was less than FIVE minutes. And it worked great! Previous speeds around the house to my laptop were a consistant 100 mbps or better, now I’m clocking 300 mbps with no drop outs. I knew the system was strong, but I didn’t know how strong until my neighbor who lives down the street…SEVEN houses down the street, asked me if I recently added a wireless network to my home. He didn’t see the Pre-N router on his computer, but the new N1 router he saw right away. One of the nicest things about the N1 is the display panel. It leaves little doubt about what the equipment’s status …if the display is blue, it’s all good. Any problem and the display turns auburn…

In a nutshell, this thing is really good. It gives reliable service and it’s very fast. Belkin includes Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) for enhanced encryption protection, as well as “Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) and Network Address Translation to “double your firewall and safeguard your network from Internet intruders.” Whatever that means.

Belkin’s on-line price is $149.00…shop around and you might find it for less…

Here’s a link to the Belkin catalog page…